ACE is one of the partners of the Restart3 project and its aim is to adapt the working model of the project to spanish lone parent families in order to make them easier to enter the labor world.

Restart3 promotes the benefits of the transfer of the innovative Restart employability programme. Restart3 presents innovations such as VET courses, tools, materials and methodologies, research on a European level, best practice examples and infrastructures which can be transferred to other sectors and countries.

The Restart3 project will also be a learning experience for those partner VET stakeholders from where the innovations come from. In each partner country a Stakeholder Forum will be set up and established to work with importing partners throughout the life of the project and beyond.

The Project relates directly to the Erasmus+ objectives on equity and inclusion by promoting and facilitating access to the labour market, training and mobility opportunities to citizens from disadvantaged backgrounds at high risk of social exclusion and contributes to the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training by linking to ECVET and supporting the adoption of EU transparency and recognition tools such as Europass, EQF and ECVET.

Colaboration Agreement between CEL (Circulo Empresarial Leonés / Leon Business Circle) and ACE

CEL has signed a colaboration agreement with ACE to let a group of single mothers doing a working training period within the Restart 3 project.